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Frequently Asked Questions
What is MagicSpree?

MagicSpree is a unique patent pending website that provides exciting deals at the very last minute. The deals could be on various services. Currently, the deals available are on hotel bookings and Restaurants with more categories getting ready for you in the next 6-18 months. MagicSpree is your buddy for last minute deals.

How can MagicSpree benefit me?

There will be similar such pro-consumer options in other lines of business that MagicSpree will enter.

Other than customers, MagicSpree will also help businesses immensely. They will be able to sell their last minute unsold products or services through MagicSpree at the price they prefer. The travel and tourism industry is also likely to benefit by the stepped up activities. We are optimistic about local small business units benefiting from the projected increase in visitors to multiple destinations. Last but not the least, with increase in economic activity, the government will be able to generate more revenue to use for the country’s development.

Why only last minute?

Based on our analysis of the existing business environment in India in similar industry segments, MagicSpree is a specialist in offering last minute deals. The platform solves two problems with one click. First, that of service providers / businesses by providing them a platform to offer interesting deals to customers in the last minute window to enable faster up-take and rotation of their inventories. Secondly, it helps customers to buy quality premium products and services at their chosen price or at an affordable price creating a magical experience for them.

Busy with their daily chores, people - very often - invariably land up in last minute situations. MagicSpree is their companion at the last minute. It is like the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed’ – MagicSpree is the friend for last minute needs of customers.

Moreover, customers do not have to worry as every transaction is transparent and no transaction is hidden. They will actually get exciting deals for high quality products and services at magical discounts.

Why do I need to register/sign up to buy deals?

Its easier to serve better if one is known. The more we know about you, the better we will be able to serve you with the most relevant deals. Do not worry, we will not bombard you with a lot of promotional campaigns. But share only hand picked deals that you would like based on your preferences.

How do I consume what I buy?

You will get unique booking references such as booking vouchers, coupon codes or bar codes either on email or SMS or on the mobile app that you need to show the service provider. And that’s it! You can then simply go ahead and enjoy the experience of high quality services and great savings.

Do I get customer support from MagicSpree?

Well of course you do! You can write to us at and our team will be happy to assist you. You can even call our care helpline at +918010160160 and follow the instructions and get all your concerns resolved.

What if I have a complaint?

We hope that you don’t, but still if you do then you can always write to our grievance officer at and your concerns will be taken up with the management and a suitable solution to your complaint will be reached.

What all can I get at MagicSpree?

Currently you can get hotel deals and restaurant deals on MagicSpree. But we will soon be coming up with a lot more categories with unique deals.

Does MagicSpree have a mobile app?

It will, very soon. In fact our team is developing it as you read this. You can expect the mobile app somewhere around May – June this year.

What’s BETA?

We are interested in your feedback on this unique website. Therefore we are calling the initial phase of our launch Beta. However, the website is fully functional and you can go ahead and make your bookings and enjoy the experience.

For Hotel rooms booking, will I always get deals in my choice of hotels? If not, then why not? In such cases, what should I do?

There is a good chance that you will get a deal for your choice of hotels. However, there may be instances where demand for your choice of hotels is very high. In such a case, the hotels of your choice might become ‘Sold Out’ before your booking process finishes. Nonetheless, since there are many alternative premium properties available at the same destination on MagicSpree, the chances of getting your deal in equivalent premium hotel is very high. So, please do not hesitate to go for another premium hotel at your chosen price.

What is the way to get the best deals at MagicSpree?

The way to get the best deal is for you to try out various prices to achieve better scores in the Success Potential Meter. You get three chances to submit your price for a particular hotel. In case you do not get the deal in your first chosen price, the system prompts you to try with a little higher price. Success will depend upon different parameters including the demand volume at the time of your booking. You will get enough hints to revise and submit your own price that you are willing to pay and which gives you a very good chance of success.

Why is it called a “name your price” model for the hotels when I may not always get the deal at my preferred price?

The model is very simple. You always put in Your Price and submit it for the system and service providers to respond in real time on whether you got the deal or not. Because of the large number of attractive last minute offers being made available on the MagicSpree platform, possibilities of getting room types of your choice at premium hotels at your own price is very high.

What is the Success Potential Meter? What are the parameters on which the SPM reading is dependent?

Before you get to see the search results page (where multiple hotels are displayed as per your requirement of destination and dates) you are prompted to put the price you are willing to pay for the rooms. Once you enter the price, the round dial Success Potential Meter displays the probability of potential success against each hotel on the search result page for the standard room type. Success Potential Meter readings depend on various parameters like season, popularity, your price, check in date, etc. The Success Potential Meter uses an algorithm to give you the best score.

What happens if I cannot avail my bookings due to unavoidable circumstances and need refund?

You would appreciate that due to the nature of last minute booking or purchase of deals, we are unable to refund any cancelations. However, if there are any extraordinary circumstances due to which you cannot avail the booking, then you have to write a mail to, explaining the circumstances in detail. MagicSpree will review and revert back within 7 days if refund is possible or not.

What are additional deals? How can I get them? How do I benefit?

Once you have finalised a hotel and room type and proceed to the payment page, you have an option to buy coupons for additional deals for in-house products and services of the hotel. You can buy coupons for these deals at a very nominal price ranging between Rs. 10 and Rs. 50.

For what destinations does MagicSpree offer hotels deals?

We are increasing our coverage at a rapid pace. You can see the list of destinations for which deals are available on the home page. As and when we add more hotels and places, they will appear in the same list.

What if the hotel does not accept my price?

We offer 3 attempts to offer your price for every hotel. If still the hotel does not accept your price then we may request for 30 minutes, depending on your current offer, and negotiate harder with the hotel. During that time, you will not be able to try another hotel, but there is a high probability that the hotel may offer you the room at your requested price. If you do not wish to wait, then you can always try another great hotel. You never know, another hotel might offer you a great deal.

Can someone help me in booking the hotel?

We will try our best to find you the best offer. You can chat with available officers from the website. In case there are no officers available for chat on the website, then you can call our care helpline at +918010160160 and follow the instructions to connect with an officer on phone who will help you book your hotel. Remember, our helpline works from 8 am to 8 pm.

How do I consume additional deals purchased?

Your hotel booking voucher will have details of your additional coupons. During check in, you must inform the hotel about the additional deal coupons. Don’t worry if you miss to inform the hotel since they too have a copy of your booking voucher, but as best practice, its always better to inform the hotel about your coupon before consuming any service.