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The Internet is full of travel hack blogs and articles, but some hacks always remain overlooked and beyond the thoughts. So, here we are with 7 travel hacks that we bet you neither heard nor thought of.
Have a look below to know them…

#1 Don’t Worry If You’ve Forgotten Your Charger … Read More

One of my friends recently shared her funny experience with an online shopping portal. She ordered an outfit at a “steal deal” as she quoted, and paid some INR 750 for it, after a great discount. The delivery was timely but she … Read More

Hotels are an essential part of every travel plan and often determine how well your trip turns out. Further, the location and the cost of the hotel are the most important considerations. After all, a room which is beyond your budget can … Read More

If you are an everyday person like the rest of us, you are likely to be as busy as a bee or even busier. From rushing to work in the morning to getting caught in the traffic heading home at night, the … Read More

India based technology company, TrooSol Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., today announced the beta launch of India’s first, patent pending, online negotiations and last minute deals booking engine – MagicSpree.
The online booking platform arrives in the marketplace with a uniqueness that enables consumers to … Read More