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There are a lot of things you could do in your life all by yourself to take in the experience and keep it in your memory box. Travelling solo is one such activity that boosts your vigour and enthusiasm to be independent and free, it can amplify your spirit to … Read More

The couple that travels together, stays together.

Sure, that may not be the actual saying, but it is just as true.

From time to time, every couple needs to sneak away from the humdrum routine of everyday life and enjoy a romantic retreat together in a beautiful, far off place.

Lucky for us, … Read More

When the hard gruelling semester is finally over and your wanderlust is at peak, you look inside your pocket and that’s enough to turn your list down.
Not anymore. With some savings in your wallet, and a group of BFFLs we’ll show you how to travel in India on a college … Read More

When there’s a will, there’s a way. This may apply to your last minute plans as well.

The closer a flight gets to its departure, the more expensive is it’s rating. Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies have been earning a great deal on this single mind-boggling strategy with packages for the … Read More

What’s it like to travel on a business trip in India with a shoestring budget? The answer is simple yet a little difficult to follow.

If you’re coming on a business trip from outside India, you’ll know why!

Managing a shoestring budget on a business trip specifically in India solely depends on … Read More

No matter how financially sound you are, there’s another kind of love in travelling cheap. Backpacking in India is so easy that you will be left amazed once you try. If you and your pals need a break from the academic stress, feeding the wanderlust with a trip in a … Read More

Wanna beat the heat this summer? Well, like most others, you too wouldn’t want to sweat all summer long. Taking a break and visiting colder destinations is a great option. Whether you want to make your honeymoon special or spend some quality time with your family and friends, cold destinations … Read More

Every woman needs a break from her daily routine for refreshment. Well, even if you have some fantastic people in your life, you may need to spend some quality time with yourselves. Earlier most Indian women found it difficult to move around locally, so travelling solo might be … Read More

There are so many unexplored surreal destinations in India that most of us haven’t seen yet. Today we will let you know some of those destinations so that you can make an exclusive trip that most travellers have not made yet.

#1 Bhalukpong | Arunachal … Read More

Whether you talk about traveling, short trips or going on excursions, these are something that we all prefer to do whenever we get the opportunity. It’s not that easy for everyone to plan their trip on their own, as it brings enormous contradictory thoughts like; is it right … Read More