About MagicSpree

An initiative of TrooSol Enterprises Private Limited.

MagicSpree is a platform for ‘last minute deals’. The platform, in ‘web and app’, provides offerings for multiple lines of businesses (LOBs), where customers are welcome to visit to buy last minute magical deals for multiple lifestyle products.

The seed for the idea behind the start-up germinated when the founders came across a multi- dimension problem:

  1. Customers are willing to avail better lifestyle products but the perceived high cost deters them from entering the market place to buy product and services, especially at the price they are willing to pay.
  2. Service providers have created higher capacities (supply) to match the forecasted growth trajectory(demand) but still face the pain of last minute unsold perishable inventories. They do not easily get the customers who they can sell their last minute inventories to without impacting their brand.
  3. Business units and brands have large stocks of fast moving inventories but face the problem of dwindling footfall and fall in demand for their goods and services. They do not have a suitable marketplace or platform accessible by masses, where they can persistently put up last minute deals for faster uptake of their stagnant inventories.

The founders of MagicSpree then thought of a solution of developing a suitable platform to address this multi-dimensional problem. MagicSpree hence provides the market place to:

  1. All the segments of customers to constantly visit the platform to search and buy magical deals for their desired products and services, at the price levels which they want to pay.
  2. The service providers and business units or brands to sell their unsold inventories that are sure to perish if not sold on time (for example- hotel rooms, airline tickets, tickets for concerts and sports events, etc). MagicSpree has launched a beta version for their first LOB–hotels. The second LOB, restaurants, is ’coming soon.’
  3. Enable the increase of footfalls at the business ‘outlets’ to drive selling of stocked inventories, as well as create momentum in uptake of package deals (F&B, Grocery, Shopping, Health etc.) for fast rotation of inventory

Customers looking for hotels, restaurants, or other services at a discount are often left empty-handed as deals or coupon codes fail to work or show up as expired.

MagicSpree ensures a win-win-win for customers, service providers, and to many other segments which get benefited with increase in business volumes. The platform is user friendly and simple to navigate, through the entire cycle of search and buying magical deals for unrestrained fun and enjoyment.

MagicSpree aims to provide customers an exhilarating experience of last minute exciting deals.