India’s First Online Negotiations Platform

India based technology company, TrooSol Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., today announced the beta launch of India’s first, patent pending, online negotiations and last minute deals booking engine – MagicSpree.

The online booking platform arrives in the marketplace with a uniqueness that enables consumers to get premium deals in hotels (for now), at a price of their own choice, in the last minute window. The start-up’s intelligent platform, MagicSpree, informs users about their chances (denoted as a percentage) of getting the select  hotel at their quoted price right at the start of the booking process. It then systematically guides them to not only get the rooms of their choice at their own price, but  also offers many additional deals on other services offered by the hotel, which amounts to significant savings for the customer.

“Through MagicSpree, we wish to enable three key things – firstly,Let people benefit from last minute deals, secondly, Attempt to sell inventories that may perish, and thirdly, Create momentum in offline footfall and uptake of value goods across multiple services. While the market offering deals and discounts have grown exponentially in popularity and sales, this new flavour of getting deals customised to their needs will bring a fresh delight for the customers,” said TrooSol CEO Sanjay Kumar, a veteran from Indian Air Force and Tata Group .
MagicSpree, as the brand name signifies, aims to offer multiple kinds of attractive deals at a price customers are happy to pay and enable a magical experience leading to unrestrained enjoyment and fun, with just a few clicks.  Commencing with hotels and restaurants, the platform will soon diversify its offerings to include more lines of business over the next 6 to 18 months. The start-up is expected to bring about a paradigm shift in deals in the hospitality, retail, and services industries.

“We want to offer service providers support to monetize their perishing inventory through a unique revenue maximisation model and in the process, passing on the benefits of exceptional last minute deals to consumers,” says Chief Marketing Officer Amitesh Kumar. He added, “Many customers, due to the perceived high prices, miss the opportunity to avail in-house hotel services which can really enrich their travel experience.”

MagicSpree will initially be available in beta version to allow users and service providers to experience the concept and get a first-hand feel of the last minute deals booking system. With this Web version launch, MagicSpree is looking forward to valuable feedback and comments on all aspects of the offering. Close on the heels of Web is the planned launch of MagicSpree mobile App too.

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